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roofing /ˈruːfɪŋ/ | noun | the process of constructing a roof or roofs

Jigsaw Construction can help with both elements of building or repairing a roof: 


Roof carpentry 

This could be for a traditional cut roof or a designed truss roof.  A traditional cut roof involves our carpenters crafting the roof on-site; we tackle all types of roof no matter how challenging.  A designed truss roof is pre-formed, ready for our skilled carpenters to fit.


Roof covering

The covering of the roof (this is what keeps you dry!) - usually in tiles (either concrete or clay) - done by specialised roofers.


Some builders subcontract an independent carpenter for the roof structure and then a roofer to cover the roof. Jigsaw Construction does it more efficiently. We have talented carpenters and roofers who work together to get the job done seamlessly. We also fit fascias, soffits and guttering. 


By overseeing the whole roof project, we save our clients time, money and energy. 

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