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Brickworks and Plastering 

brickworks /ˈbrɪkwəːks/ | noun | the craft or occupation of building structures with bricks

and plaster /ˈplɑːstə/ | verb | cover (a wall, ceiling, or other structure) with plaster

Not all jobs are big projects, and we recognise that it can be hard to find experienced, reliable, skilled tradespeople for the tasks that don’t fit neatly into a box. We can help with our in-house brickworks and plastering teams.


Brickworks tasks include:


  • Porches

  • Garden or perimeter walls

  • New interior layouts

  • Extensions

  • New builds


Plastering tasks include:


  • Re-plastering after damp issues or leaks

  • Re-skimming walls

  • Plastering new walls

  • Plastering around newly installed windows or doors or bi-fold doors

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