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New Builds

new build /ˈnjuːbɪld/ | noun | the construction of new houses or other buildings

A bespoke build. A one-of-a-kind home that has been designed and built from unique plans.

With a new build, it’s essential to use tradespeople who work well together. Jigsaw Construction offers this. 


When we undertake a new build, we begin with a detailed quote because accurate costing from the outset is key. Our project management and building experience then means you can trust us to deliver everything involved in the build: 


  • Groundworks

  • Brickworks

  • Carpentry

  • Roofing

  • Fitting kitchens and bathrooms

  • (We even know some excellent landscapers)


We listen to the ideas and needs of our new build clients and work innovatively to bring their vision to life.

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